Founding Principal, Professional Trustee, Consultant

An accomplished attorney and consultant to wealth managers throughout the country, Steve is a nationally recognized expert adept at overseeing estate plans that holistically and multi-generationally integrate a family’s financial (material), human (people) and social (philanthropic) capital.

Recognized as a Certified Specialist in charitable tax planning by the American Institute of Philanthropic Studies, Steve intimately understands the role of philanthropy in the wealth equation and how such, when properly and intentionally embraced, can be a powerful antidote to the risk and challenge of “affluenza”, while also serving as a unparalleled means of uniting families around common values and interests in the building of a lasting family legacy.

With an accomplished professional background in law, tax, finance and philanthropy, Steve is privileged to share his diverse background and experience while serving families and their professional advisors across the country.

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