You call it Collaborative support for your family

We call it Open Architecture™ Trustee Services

It’s your wealth.
It’s your family.
It’s your legacy.

Is there anything more important, and complex?

We understand, and value, the importance of family, and the role your trusted team of advisors has played in helping you navigate through life and crafting your financial legacy.

Our Open Architecture model focuses on the idea that working with a trustee or professional estate fiduciary doesn’t mean the end of long-standing relationships with those who already know and understand your family and desired legacy. It also doesn’t mean locking your beneficiaries into rigid, institutional models of wealth management governed by an anonymous trust committee.

You built your family wealth working with those who you respect and trust. You should expect nothing less when considering who will be involved in carrying out your legacy. This is exactly why we work alongside your chosen team of advisors to ensure your beneficiaries enjoy the full benefits of the plan you designed and envisioned.

Of course, stewarding your legacy is about much more than taxes, accounting, and legalities. Success also requires navigating complex family dynamics, an equation that often becomes more complicated when money is involved. As the representative of your trust and estate desires, we know how to stand firm when we believe you would have stood firm, and when to extend a helping hand to your loved ones, when your loving hand is most missed.


The Client/Family Centered Team


The Open Architecture model enables you to enjoy a more robust and customized offering of wealth management, and to better maintain intergenerational advisor relationships with those who already know and understand your family. The knowledge and understanding of your family that we gain from your trusted advisors not only allows Trustee Services Group to best fulfill its responsibilities as trustee, but also uniquely positions the collaborative team to help the family navigate the complexities of wealth in family. The result is successfully implementing the multi-generational legacy which you desire and envision.

We are Collaborative: with our clients regularly experiencing the benefits of our Open Architecture model.

Our services are Customized: designed around the goals, needs and desires of the family.

We are truly Independent: not tied or connected to any wealth management firm or other type of professional advisory practice.

We are Trustee Services Group, and would be privileged to be of service to you.

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