“Open” (adjective) – Not restricted to a group or category of participants

“Architecture” ar·chi·tec·ture (noun) - A unifying or coherent form or structure

Open Architecture™Trustee Services means that we enable — and encourage — clients to involve the financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants that they know and respect in the management of their trust. Through their hand-picked team, the family designs the comprehensive solution specific to their needs and desires.

The Client/Family Centered Team

By encouraging a collaborative partnership amongst those the family wants to be involved with their trust and estate assets, Trustee Services Group, PLLC offers a personally structured, “best in class” answer to the complex and diverse issues and responsibilities related to wealth, family and trusts.

Our Open Architecture model also means Trustee Services Group does not impose wealth management solutions or rigid models on our clients. This enables clients to enjoy a more robust and customized offering of wealth management, and to better maintain intergenerational professional advisor relationships with those who already know and understand their family.

The result is a willing, informed engagement of the family trust beneficiaries instead of total dependency upon the often relationally distant “one size fits all” institutional trust model.

We are Collaborative: with our clients regularly experiencing the benefits of our Open Architecture model.

Our services are Customized: designed around the goals, needs and desires of the family.

We are truly Independent: not tied or connected to any wealth management firm or other type of professional advisory practice.

We are Trustee Services Group, and would be privileged to be of service to you.

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