Trustee Services Group, PLLC is a Colorado Professional Service Company specializing in the delivery of professional trustee and estate fiduciary services. Trustee Services Group, PLLC is not engaged in the practice law.

Trustee Services Group, PLLC believes its job is to steward the intent of the trust creator as set forth by the drafting attorney. Thus, Trustee Services Group, PLLC does not require any specific exonerative language as some other trust institutions may require. Accordingly, the suggested language set forth below is simply to ensure Trustee Services Group is properly identified and named within the estate documents.

  • To name Trustee Services Group, PLLC as Trustee, Personal Representative / Executor or Agent for Financial Affairs, the suggested language within the trust or estate document is:
    • “Trustee Services Group, PLLC and its successors and assigns”
  • Although it is not required, some clients may wish to work with a specific professional trustee of the Trustee Services Group. When that is the case, the suggested language within the trust or estate document is:
    • “[Name of Trustee], a professional fiduciary with Trustee Services Group, PLLC, and its successors and assigns” 
  • If a family member or close family associate is named as trustee or personal representative / estate executor, they may be time challenged, inexperienced and/or ill equipped to fulfill their legal responsibilities. If this is the case, Trustee Services Group, PLLC can help the trustee and/or personal representative / estate executor properly administer the trust and/or estate by serving as fiduciary’s “administrative agent”.

The suggested language for naming or suggesting Trustee Services Group, PLLC to serve as “Administrative Agent” of the trustee and/or personal representative / estate executor is:

  • To assist with the administrative and accounting responsibilities, the Trustee [shall / may] engage Trustee Services Group, PLLC to serve as the Trustee’s administrative agent.

Should Trustee Services Group be incorporated into the estate plan, we simply ask the following:

  • The Client / Trust Creator complete and return the TSG Client Fact Finder. This helps us to know and contact those playing a part in client’s estate when “called into action”;

  • Provide Trustee Services Group with a copy of the estate documents. This allows us to see whether our instructions as the estate fiduciary are clear and understandable. The easiest way to do so is for the client or attorney to securely upload the estate documents to a client specific folder which Trustee Services Group will establish upon request. Alternatively, the documents can be sent as a PDF attachment to an email, or sent via regular mail; and 

  • Pay Trustee Services Group a one-time account set up fee of $250. This basically covers our time and cost for reviewing the client’s estate documents and putting the family into our system as a “Deferred Client”.

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