Trustee Services Group, PLLC is a professional service company specializing exclusively in the delivery of trustee and estate fiduciary services.

Understanding the complexity of wealth and family, while appreciating the importance of relationship, Trustee Services Group has been established in order to deliver a more personalized, beneficiary focused solution which benefits from the client’s desired professional advisory team focused upon addressing the multifaceted complexities of wealth, family and trusts.

Trustee Services Group is built upon the philosophy that:

Preserving relationships, both personal and professional, is of primary importance. Our relational focus and Open ArchitectureSM approach prove instrumental in helping families to successfully navigate through the complexities of wealth, family and trusts.

Family “legacy” is more than just money. Our relational focus and underlying professional experience deliver the support and resources necessary to address all aspects of a family’s legacy.

Families desire control over their wealth. Our Open Architecture model purposefully allows for families to retain and engage the professional advisory team of their choosing in the oversight and management of their family wealth.

Transparency, accountability and collaboration are good for all. Our intentionally collaborative Open Architecture model naturally delivers mutual accountability and account transparency which allows our clients to focus open the more important matters of their lives.

Conflicts of interest shall be avoided. Trustee Services Group does not manage wealth, offer investments, or draft trusts, as we believe doing so in our role as trustee or estate fiduciary would create conflicts of interest which shall be avoided as a fiduciary.

We are Trustee Services Group, and would be privileged to be of service to you.

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