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If given an option, families and trust beneficiaries would prefer a trustee solution which reflects their unique relational and wealth management desires rather than a one-size-fits-all trustee platform with an “assigned” trust officer and limited, and often times proprietary, universe of wealth management options.

The Trustee Services Group, with its “open architecture” model of trust fiduciary services and national network of professional fiduciaries, allows you to design your trustee solution by engaging those you want to be involved with your family, and in the continued oversight and management of your trust estate.

The Trustee Services Group does not impose wealth management solutions or rigid models on our clients. Rather, we enable — and encourage — you to involve the wealth advisors of your choosing to manage your trust estate. This enables you to enjoy a more robust, conflict free and customized wealth management solution, while also maintaining the relationships which have proven to be supportive of your family and instrumental in the building of your wealth.

Furthermore, instead of being assigned a trustee or, worse yet, a call center, the Trustee Services Group offers you the opportunity to work with the experienced trust professional of your choosing.

When working with a professional trustee associated with the Trustee Services Group, you experience a collaborative partnership amongst those you want to be involved with your family, and your trust estate.

Competence and Convenience

The personalized services of your professional trustee are supported by the administration services of AccuTech Systems Corp., one of the largest Trust Management Accounting providers in the United States, thereby equipping the professional trustees with as robust an infrastructure and trust accounting platform as any corporate trustee. The result is a unique ability to daily pull and account for all transactional data from any third party custodian, coupled with secure, online account transparency.

This administrative infrastructure, with the convenience of 24/7 account access, coupled with the “open architecture” involvement of those you trust and respect in the management and oversight of your trust assets, allow the professional trustees associated with the Trustee Services Group to deliver a level of accountability unsurpassed in the trust services industry.

Collective Wisdom – Continuity of Relationship

Thanks to it’s collaborative and collegial national network, the professional fiduciaries associated with the Trustee Services Group can competently address any fiduciary matter by drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of all those associated with the Trustee Services Group.

Additionally, because our professional trustees are part of a collective group, you are assured someone will always be there to serve you and your family as trustee. By selecting another professional fiduciary associated with Trustee Services Group, you, your family and wealth advisory team can continue to enjoy the personalized and collaborative “open architecture” approach for which Trustee Services Group is known.

The result . . . a complete, client structured “best in class” answer to your unique family and trust fiduciary needs.


By engaging a professional trustee associated with the Trustee Services Group, you enjoy an intellectually honest, relationally focused approach to trust fiduciary services, offering a natural platform for mutual accountability, devoid of conflicts of interest, while providing you with access to the high-quality wealth advisors of your choosing and the assurance your trust will be competently addressed.

Through the Trustee Services Group, a family no longer has to settle for anything less.

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  • Professional Advisors

    Trustee Services Group can help you incorporate trustee services, with your involvement, as an offering of your practice. For more specific information in this regard, please see the “Professional Advisor” section of our web site under your specific discipline (e.g. Attorney, CPA, Financial Professional).