Consultative Support

As needed, consultative service from experienced fiduciaries.

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Consultative Support

The role of trustee is multi-faceted and complex. Issues and concerns are certain to arise.

Through the Trustee Services Group, you can also have consultative access to professionals experienced in trusts and fiduciary matters that are available to guide you through your complex role of trustee and address your trustee related concerns such as:

What are my state specific reporting obligations?

Can a specific trust distribution be made?

How do I respond to a trust beneficiary’s distribution or accounting request?

How should the trust assets be invested in light of the conflicting income and remainder beneficiary interests?

This “as needed” consultative service allows you to have a dedicated Trustee Services Group representative available to support you whenever the inevitable trustee related issues arise.

With the Trustee Services Group’s consultative service supporting you in your role as trustee, you will have the comfort of having experienced professionals supporting you in your privileged role.

Our desire . . . to help you successfully serve as trustee.
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