Trustee Support

Offering comprehensive trust accounting and administration support
with an as needed, consultative service from experienced fiduciaries.

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Perhaps you have accepted the privileged role of trustee on the trust of a friend or family member.

You now find yourself responsible for the proper oversight and administration of the trust assets, guided by oft confusing terms of a trust document filled with “legalese”.

You are held to a legal “fiduciary” responsibility to administer the trust correctly while acting in the best interest of the commonly conflicting interests of the current and remainder trust beneficiaries.

As if life wasn’t busy enough, these trustee responsibilities are added to your regular personal and professional obligations.

Overwhelmed? We can help.

The Trustee Services Group offers two ways to make your life easier while serving as individual trustee.

  • Comprehensive Trust Accounting
  • Consultative Fiduciary Support

When partnering with The Trustee Services Group you will experience the peace of mind and security which comes from being supported by experienced professionals whose sole focus is to help you successfully fulfill your privileged role as trustee.

Our desire . . . to help you successfully serve as trustee.
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    Personal Representative / Executor

    Estate Settlement

    Agent for Financial Affairs


    Expert Witness

    Trust Specialties
    Family trusts
    Charitable trusts
    Special needs trust
    Life insurance trusts