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Committed to your continued involvement with your client’s trust wealth.



Our model is pure . . . and simple.
We handle all aspects related to trust administration.
You manage the wealth.

Conflicts with your practice? There are none. The Trustee Services Group does not manage wealth and has no investment offerings.

Asset management fee? The same as you would ordinarily charge your client.

Custody of the trust assets? You decide.

Investment policy? You prepare in light of the existing trust document.

Directed Trust? Delegated Trust? Neither? No matter, we can serve.

Trust administration support for a client who is serving as individual trustee? We would be privileged to help.

Need a private trustee? We have them.

Require a corporate trustee that allows you to manage the trust assets? We can find an appropriate partner.

With the Trustee Services Group, you have a noncompetitive trust partner whose platform is designed specifically to allow you to continue to be engaged with your clients trust wealth.


Build and maintain your practice through “open architecture trustee services”™.

Existing Trust Assets – Due to mergers, acquisitions and a general trust industry trend toward a wealth management focus and away from a privileged relational service, many who are current trust beneficiaries are dissatisfied with their present trustee relationship.

Do any of the following sound familiar with regard to any of your relationships?

  • Your client appreciates what you’re doing with their retirement and non-qualified investment accounts and, if possible, would also like you to manage their family trust accounts.
  • Trust creator initially named a local community bank as trustee, probably because of a personal relationship with the trust officer. However, since that time the bank is swallowed up in a merger, or maybe multiple mergers. Your client no longer has a meaningful relationship with the current trustee.
  • To their displeasure, instead of a trust officer, your client’s are now subject to a call center with a 1-800 number. The relationship management has become non-existent as your client has become a number instead of a privileged relationship.
  • To your client’s frustration, the bank trustee’s investments include proprietary offerings which lag in performance to the investment management options which you can provide.

In many instances the trust account can be transferred to an “open architecture trustee service”™ solution which thus would allow for your clients to enjoy your engagement in their existing trust context.

Future Trust PlanningSome clients put trusts in place for tax purposes. Others put trusts in place for relational purposes. Either way, your counsel and wealth management relationship has proven important to your clients and their family. If your clients have put trusts in place, why should your counsel and service end because of their trust?

If you are not involved with your clients in the selection of the appropriate trustee solution for their family, it is likely your client relationship will end when their assets are placed in trust.  

Regardless of your client’s roll, need or desire, the Trustee Services Group and it’s complete “open architecture trustee service”™ offerings can help your clients enjoy the continuity of your relationship with their trust wealth.

Consultative Support – For many, engaging in the world of trusts can be an intimidating proposition. We understand, and are here to help.

Our financial advisor consultative services include:

  • Complimentary trust analysis and review;
  • Private label trustee services offering;
  • Turn key joint marketing program including private label presentations and related materials; and
  • Advanced markets support.
If you are interested in building and maintaining your advisory practice, and staying involved multi-generationally with your client’s trust assets, the Trustee Services Group would be privileged to help.
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