Information for families and the professional advisor related to the privileged role of trustee.



The wise and effective management of an estate can be an overwhelming proposition. Thus, the Trustee Services Group is pleased to present the following resources that we hope will allow you to successfully navigate the multi-faceted world of wealth and family.

We are always interested in learning of additional resources others have found helpful. Thus, please feel free to bring useful information to our attention so that we can share with others.

Estate Language

Whether you desire the support of the Trustee Services Group’s trust accounting / administration platform to assist an individual trustee you plan on naming in your estate, or are naming a specific private trustee associated with the Trustee Services Group, it is important your estate documents accurately reflect your intentions.

The Trustee Services Group is pleased to provide clients and their legal counsel with sample language for incorporation and use within one’s estate documents. Learn More >

Guides, Articles & Books

For those looking for insight or encouragement, or for help in “doing it yourself”, the Trustee Services Group is pleased to provide a variety of guides, articles and books for your use and information. Learn More >

Professional Advisors

We have found a number of organizations to be particularly adept at training up and equipping various professional advisory disciplines. The Trustee Services Group is pleased to provide a list of these associations and links to their respective websites. Learn More >


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