Open Architecture Trustee Services™

“Open” (adjective) – Not restricted to a group or category of participants

“Architecture” ar·chi·tec·ture (noun) - A unifying or coherent form or structure

Open Architecture Trustee Services™ bring customization and convenience to the management, administration and oversight of your trust estate.

Open Architecture Trustee Services™ encourage a collaborative relationship among trust beneficiaries, trustees and the professional advisors of the client / family’s choosing in the delivery of trust fiduciary services.

By encouraging a collaborative partnership amongst those the family wants to be involved with their trust assets, the Open Architecture Trustee Service™ solutions of the Trustee Services Group offers a natural platform for mutual accountability with a personally structured “best in class” answer to the complex and diverse responsibilities of a trustee.

With its open architecture model of fiduciary services, the Trustee Services Group does not impose wealth management solutions or rigid models on our clients. Rather, we enable — and encourage — clients to involve the financial advisors they trust in the management of their trust assets. This enables clients to enjoy a more robust and customized offering of wealth management, and to better maintain intergenerational professional advisor relationships with those who already know their family.

The result of Open Architecture Trustee Services™ is willing, informed engagement of the trust beneficiaries instead of total dependency upon the often relationally distant “one size fits all” institutional trust model.

In summary, Open Architecture Trustee Services™ allow the family to design the trustee solution specific to their need and desire. Through the Trustee Services Group, a family no longer needs to settle for anything less.


  • Roles & Services

    Personal Representative / Executor

    Estate Settlement

    Agent for Financial Affairs


    Expert Witness

    Trust Specialties
    Family trusts
    Charitable trusts
    Special needs trust
    Life insurance trusts