Faith Legacy Alliance

Trustee services delivered with a common faith perspective.

Love God  .  .  .  Love People  .  .  .  Make Disciples



If your family has been entrusted with much, you have a formidable challenge. (see Matthew 6:24).

Those serving under the Faith Legacy Alliance of the Trustee Services Group understand this complex situation and have worked with countless families who are successfully navigating these eternally challenging waters.

We understand the good which comes from an inheritance received with wisdom, and also understand the unintended consequences that can occur when wealth is received by those who are not physically, emotionally, socially or spiritually prepared to be responsible stewards.

We value the wisdom which comes from Scripture, and draw upon this invaluable resource while serving in the oversight of your family’s human, financial and social capitals.

We also believe there is wisdom in multiple counselors.

Our Open Architecture Trustee Service™ approach uniquely allows your family to involve those who share your same faith perspective, including the professional advisors whose wise counsel has blessed your family through the years. Thus, by involving those who share your faith perspective in the oversight of your estate, the collaborative discipleship of your family can now be achieved.

In summary, through the Faith Legacy Alliance and our Open Architecture Trustee Services™, your family can now be supported by like-minded and skilled professionals who share a Biblical, eternal perspective on life, and wealth.

Given the eternally significant responsibilities associated with the stewardship of your wealth, and family, why would you settle for anything less?

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