About Trustee Services Group

Sharing a common calling  .  .  .  to deliver a more personalized, beneficiary focused trustee solution collaboratively focused upon addressing the complexities of wealth and family.


Understanding the complexity of wealth and family, while appreciating the importance of relationship, the Trustee Services Group has been established in order to deliver a more personalized, beneficiary focused trustee solution which benefits from the “group think” of experienced professionals collaboratively focused upon addressing the multifaceted complexities of wealth, family and trusts.


To foster healthy trustee / beneficiary relationships by collaboratively serving families and their professional advisory team.


The Trustee Services Group is a national network of professional fiduciaries, and professionals who serve trust beneficiaries.


Thanks to this collaborative and collegial network, the Trustee Services Group can competently address most any fiduciary matter.

Trustee Services Group is built on the philosophy that:

Preservation of relationships, both personal and professional, is of primary importance.

As a result, our “open architecture” trustee platforms intentionally allow for families to retain and engage the family members and professional advisors who have earned their trust and respect.

The role of trustee is diverse and complex.

As a result, whether your need is for a trust administration platform, private fiduciary or corporate trustee, we specialize in the counsel and delivery of a customized resolution of your specific trust needs.

“Legacy” is defined as much by a family’s human and social capital as it is by its financial capital.

As a result, because of our intentionally relational and collaborative approach, we are able to deliver the support and resources that can multi-generationally address all aspects of a family’s legacy.

Families desire control over their wealth.

As a result, our commitment to “open architecture” trustees solutions intentionally allows for the family beneficiaries to be involved in the

management and oversight of their family wealth, to the extent they desire.

Transparency, accountability and collaboration are good for the client.

Our “open architecture” platforms intentionally allow our client families to enjoy these important aspects in the trustee context.

Conflicts of interest shall be avoided.

As a result, the Trustee Services Group does not manage wealth, offer investments, draft trusts, or otherwise provide services which present conflicts of interest or issues of self dealing.

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    Estate Settlement

    Agent for Financial Affairs


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